"Lost in the Supermarket...."

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Is it me (because I'm old) or did anyone else read the heading on the front page of Chef Talk to the old Clash song??

(And was that song its inspiration? Curiousity has gotten the better of me - I've been fighting this post for 2 days...)


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What, Straight to H&#101ll (Ah, I defeat the censorware!)

"...it ain't Coca Cola&#153. It's rice"

That's one of my favorites from them. But the writer did mention the Clash in that piece.

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I used to follow the clash on tour * saw all their early tours right up to the give em enough rope one.

Curiously, Joe had moved to Somerset & was involved with a local arts centre & was putting on a gig with the mescaleros. I thought it would be cool to go & say hi & thank him for letting me in through the back doors without paying for a ticket so many times in the past.

Then he died.

He was in the mortuary of the hospital where I cook & it was a depressing day indeed.

My friends is Sous at the hotel where all the mourners stayed & he said they trashed the joint. Rock n Roll.

A couple of the stranglers live nearby too.

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...A couple of the stranglers live nearby too...

I have an old Black and White LP from The Stranglers. Rediscovered it while going through some picture discs to see if I could make some extra money.

After surveying my stash, I decided that I was too emotionally attached to them to sell them anyway.

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