Looking to Round out my Japanese Kitchen Knives

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Over the last 2 years, I received a Global 6" serrated utility knife and a Global 8" chef knife for my birthday.  I know people on this forum are not high on Global knives, but I really enjoy using them.  I have never used a Tojiro or a Fujiwara Japanese knife so I don't have anything for comparison.  

The purpose of my post is that I am looking to round out/upgrade the rest of my kitchen knives.  I would like to get Japanese knives (people on this forum are high on Japanese knives).  Currently, I use a set of Chicago Cutlery Insignia 2 knives which suck.  Anyway, here are my thoughts on the knives I'm thinking about buying. 

*  Fujiwara FKM petty knife or Tojiro petty knife (shorter than 6").  I would use this to cut small items.

*  Fujiwara FKM boning knife or a Tojiro boning knife.  I would use this knife to cut around bone, remove skin from fish, trim fat of meat.

*  Idahone fine ceramic steel.  Honing is important to me.

*  Shapton Glass Stone (1000 grt).  This will help me keep my knives sharp.

*  Long Slicer (MAC or Victornox/Forschner).  I would use this to slice meat.    

*  Bread Knife.  I think I might just use the one that came with my Chicago Cutlery set because I only use it to cut bread)

*  Fujiwara Santoku knife.  I like Santoku knives, but do I really need one?

Do I need all of the knives above?  I am merely a home cook with no professional kitchen experience and no training whatsoever.  I am willing to learn to sharpen my knives using a whetstone.  

Any help that you can provide is great (especially on knife sizes or brands).  

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