Looking to help my other cooking half

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I write this for him.
"Him" is my other half, a beginner.
He's very passionate about cooking. The only thing that he sees himself doing.
He quit his job as a shift manager in a popular London café in order to star his own business as a private cook in order to gain more experience and save up money to attend Le Cordon Bleu. The problem is that he doesn't now how to start and how private chefs and cooks actually get customers. I feel his frustration growing every day and that he might go back to a 9to5 job. I come from a very different business background and don't know what to suggest. So this is my introduction, I will be following discussion and posting threads to find my light in the end of the tunnel.


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Welcome to ChefTalk and sorry for the late reply. I think if you posted this in one of the other forums you might get a better response. 

Your better half is best starting out cooking for friends and family and asking those people to get the word out. There are also many job listings on the internet but he will have to most likely audition so he should practice up for that. Lastly here in the states it is very common for families to hire a cook to prepare the meals for them each week since both parents are so busy. He should create a website and some brochures and start promoting himself. Keep encouraging him it really just takes time and dedication.
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Nicko's suggestion to post in one of the dedicated CT forums is spot on.

Which one?

The culinary school forums are all full of great advice and are supported by many of the pro's who are active members of Chef Talk.

There are 4 to choose from altho the general advice column may fit your needs the best.

Welcome aboard /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif.


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