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Hello all,

Just wanted to introduce myself and tell you all a little about me.  I've worked in restaurants since 2000, starting as a busser and moving throughout various positions including server, food runner, expeditor, deli attendant, fry cook, banquet cold and hot side, and just recently a kitchen manager at a brick oven pizzeria and bar.  The title says that I'm looking to go deeper into the culinary world.  I've left my job as KM (it has become terribly stagnant, ie no menu change in over a year, same thing day in and day out, etc) because I'd like to focus more on expanding my culinary repertoire; strengthening my line abilities and cooking techniques, which really have not been honed, and learning more about cuisines outside my norm.  So!  Expect to see me on here quite a bit asking questions and such.

Thanks for reading,

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Hello Tony - welcome to ChefTalk!

If you have any specific questions, then our membership (from around the globe - and all levels of culinary expertise) will no doubt try to assist you to find answers!

Have a look at the wikis, blogs, articles,. reviews and photography on the site - lots of inspiration to be found there...   If you have a specific question, please post if in the relevant forum and I'm sure there will be plenty of information posted!

Hope to see you around the boards.

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