Looking to become a pastry chef.

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    I have a certificate in Culinary Arts through Cicninnati Job Corps. Its a trade school and not much of one, basically, I have the basics down, ( no serve safe certification yet )

    I went to Job corps a city away from home. My mom had gotten me into the idea of becoming a pastry chef because I liked to bake a lot. I couldn't afford college so she had suggested the trade school. My mom was sick with lung cancer. During my studies she had gotten worse and I had wanted to come home, but she wouldnt let me, she wanted me to get an education, make a career for myself.

    One month before getting my Culinary certificate. She passed away. She never got to see it. Needless to say it does upset me but eh I'm rambeling.

    Forward now to the presnt : Its been about a year since all of this.

    The city I live in is small. All the resturants don't really cook their food. Its all in bags and frozen and heated and reheated. Its quite discusting to the food itself and the art practice.

    I now work a minumum wage job at a retail store, trying to get back into food service. I am looking at better jobs and I really want to go to school to get an AOS or BOS in pastry arts. I have looked at several schools. They are all SO EXPENCIVE. I know pastry chefs don't make much, I don't want to be rich just comfortavle ya know.

    The money kinda scares me as I have like $400 in my bank account now, live in HUD housing and sadly feed myself with food stamps. I WANT A BETTER LIFE.

    I am really worried about going into dept. I pay very close attention to my credit. the school I want to go to is $76,200

    And Other schools are only a little cheaper. I really don't want to take out loans, As far as the FASFA I am 22 so I have to ad my Dad's info and that makes me only qualify for loans.

    And NO HE WILL NOT HELP ME PAY FOR COLLEGE. So basically I wont be able to do much until I'm 24 or married, or have a kid. Even tho I live on my own. >.>

    It kills me and makes me feel so unaccomplished when I see chefs on TV that are younger than me. I just sit and think " what the hell am I doing with my life "

    Because of my mom and all that happend I have a STRONG passion for this field. She died while I was in school all she wanted was a career for me, I'm even planning on opening a bakery in her honor. This is all my mom and I have talked about since I was arround 15.

    I need to make this a reality but Im not sure how without going into massive dept and I really dont want to do just some regular community college that doesnt even care for the arts.

    Any ideas.

    ps Sorry this was so long.
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    Move. If you want to get into pastry you need to find a place that has pastry chef opportunities and it sounds like where you are doesn't at all.

    Don't go to school until you've found a chef or organization that you work for who wants to send you to school and pay for it. Very few schools (except for the FPS, the Bread school in San Francisco, Michel Suas's place, and maybe a few other small places) can even offer you much of the expertise you want. Schools are great for networking, but not worth putting yourself into bankruptcy over.

    Find a job in a city that has real pastry jobs, then move and hack it out. Resorts & fine dining are where the pastry jobs are, the rest is basically cake decorating.

    Get your mind off school until there arises a real need (you'll know when that time comes). First things first.