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Hello All,

I have been working in restuarants as a line cook, head chef, sous chef starting when k was 16 and am currently 26. I also recently went and got an associates in culinary arts from CIA and one of my chefs got to talking to me about working in Vegas and the cost of living is relatively low but the restaurant scene is better than you'd think.

Has anyone worked in Vegas and is willing to share some stories? I graduate in July and am looking to dive in head first but still considering going back to my extern site in the DC area as well as other areas.

Thanks Everyone,
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I just spent 2 weeks in Vegas training for my new company. Met a lot of chefs, saw a lot of kitchens.

From what I saw I'd say that there's a lot of opportunities for a young and energetic chef, the money is really good while the cost of living is crazy cheap, and there's the potential to get into world-class hospitality companies.

But there's a price to be paid: the kitchens are meat grinders with a ton of turnover, while drug & gambling addictions, alcoholism and broken relationships seem even more prevalent than usual our industry.

That's an outsider's view looking in, but I'll tell you that I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I got back to Denver. Which, btw, has a great food scene combined with a good work-life balance ;)

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