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    Obviously did not make it to the NOLA food fair in May.

    The hotels were pretty much booked up and the ones that were left were way over priced for what they offered.

    We are in the middle of our empty nester home re-do and have scoured all the junk and antique (as well as resale) shops in driving distance for a few pieces I really need.

    I had been thinking about  http://www.antiqueweekend.com/calendar.htm   as a possible answer to my dilemma.

    Have been to the spring show a few times but only as a day trip.

    Like Disney World, you cannot see everything in just one day and we would come home with the feeling that we missed something important.

    Having a mid window washing sit down Saturday and came across this http://junkgypsyblog.com/   and knowing when to take the hint, talked to the fisherman about trying to get a room for the fall show.

    Being a very smart man he told me to research the lodging situation and of course cheap hotel rooms are my specialty so booked a Hilton product (3 nites) for the very affordable price of $295 total, tax inclusive.

    Pays to never burn your bridges!

    Come on September!

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