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    Hi, a home cook here. I want to make jalapeno potato poppers, and I am looking for the right batter to use.

    I intend to use thawed tator tots and smash them, and then make a batter to add to them, so they have sticking power to the pepper skin. Inside the cleaned-seed pepper I am going to use mozzarella snack sticks, cut to length of pepper & stuffed with a wrap of bacon.

    I wondered about egg batter of some kind?

    I want the popper to be crunchy & think the potato tots fried in oil will do that. Not sure about the egg, and not sure what batter will really make the tots stick to the pepper.

    So some expert help would be appreciated. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/chef.gif
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    Mmmmm, jalapeno poppers.  I did these for awhile as a special stuffed with goat cheese, aged cheddar,  and bacon. 

    This is what I did....keep in mind i have a full size frier you can use oil in a thick base pot or one of those home style friers.....and please be careful!!

    your oil needs to be at 350 degrees.

    First I fried the jalepenos whole till they are golden brown

    Let them cool, then peel them leaving the stem intact.

    next cut a small sllit lenthwise to remove some of the seeds

    now you can fill them with cheese or what ever you like- it is important to dice the bacon and pre-cook it to get the best result. It is also important to note that what ever cheese you use is at room temp. this will help it with the melting inside of the pepper.

    soo once you get them stuffed it is time to get these ingredients together- i use flour, semolina, and  butter milk and eggs and i season the flour with salt and pepper.

    have two mixing bowls out as well.

    in one mixing bowl mix together equal parts semolina and AP flour together with salt and pepper in the mix.

    in the other bowl have about 2 cups of butter milk to one whole egg and about a quarter cup of water and mix it all togethe with a whip

    now take you jalepeno and put it into the flout mis first this will give you your "stick"

    then put it in the butter milk mixture,  then back into the the flour mixture you can do this as much as three times if you want

    once you are done doing this to all your peppers it is time to fry them.

    your oil should be at 350  cook them till golden brown and enjoy.  I promise you will love them .