Looking for the name/recipe of a dish I had in Palermo, Italy

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Hello all,

I was vacationing in Italy recently and I came upon a really cool little shop in Palermo that served all kinds of good food for cheap, but they had one dish I had never seen before and I was hoping some of the experts here might be able to help. I'll do my best to describe what I ate.

It consisted of bread/pasta (not really sure what it was) container that was filled with a bolognese and pea combination. It was rectangular in shape probably around (3"x6"x2") and the entire outside looked like it was lightly breaded and it appeared to be deep fired. It was completely closed so you didn't know what was in it until you bite in to it, but it was very tasty.

I've been trying to find something like this, but so far I haven't had any luck.

Anyone have any ideas on what the name of this is?


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lol...doubt it was a hot pocket...they don't have peas. I would say Piroshki but that's a Polish dish i think. Maybe a type of Stromboli?
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Sicilian foods are often quite different to the dishes on the mainland, although the name remains the same!

I have a friend from Napoli, married to a Sicilian.  For her children she makes a kind of calzone - ie left over Bolognese sauce, with lots of added piselli (peas) in a thin pizza dough, folded over to make a half moon shape and then cooked in a pizza oven.

Maybe it's something like that?

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