looking for summer internship ideas. Help!

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Hey there, i'm searching for somewhere to do my summer internship at and was wondering if anyone had any tips on restaurants to check out? I'm located in WA state and possibly willing to travel (would love to but depends on travel/housing costs to area)). Mostly I want to have a good summer, work hard and learn what I can. I have been working in kitchens for a few years and started school to learn more methodology behind the madness. 
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I guess it would depend but if I were still in my early 20's (still young enuf to have good times but old enuf to know which lines to not cross) I would get online and start sending my CV to all of the resorts on the NE coast. They hire lots of kids and some have a place for you to stay.

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e360, What part of Washington State ???? I sent my Son to a Culinary school in Portland, Oregon in 2000. I could have shown him the basics but it would have driven both of us nuts. He later graduated and worked with me for 15 years. I got him a internship at a restaurant in the Tri-Cities that had a nicer menu that he could learn something. I feel in many cases many chefs don't look at a internship as a help to you but, more of a 8 week free helping hand. Make sure you get a place that you could learn something and be a help. Don't go to far over your head it's better to stay in your comfort zone and just learn how basic kitchens runs. I would rather have an internship be a productive experience, working in prep and on the front line of a heavy volume restaurant. If the menu is something close to what you're comfortable with, it will be easier to move into a better kitchen position. If you go over your head you may not be experienced enough to be a productive part of the kitchen staff. In other words I would rather work my internship as a front line cook in most restaurants than washing dishes and cleaning shrimp everyday in a fine dining restaurant.......I hope this helps.........ChefBillyB
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