Looking for someone to share a ghost kitchen or rent by the hour!

Joined May 8, 2021
I have a commercial kitchen set-up in Van Nuys (ghost kitchen), work with all delivery platforms and I'm there 6 days a week. I installed a fryer, a 4 stove burner + oven, and a gas convection oven. There is a 3 compartment sink, hand wash + all utensils and equipment you would need to start cooking. All permits are good, freezer and walk-in space.
I also have a reach-in, sandwich prep, and two tables.

If someone is interested or thinking about renting and sharing the cost of a ghost kitchen but cannot afford to buy all the equipment, send me an email. I can send pictures or you can come and see the kitchen on your own.

This is a 300 sf kitchen, meaning max of 3 people can fit in.

You can rent it by the hour or for the whole day!

If you need more info, let me know
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