Looking for some help/suggestions

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I've been laid off, but will be working until the end of this year. It leaves me time and lots of possibilities.
A few are a bit out of my reach financially for now, so I'll put those on the back burner.

I'm now trying to research making dog biscuits/cakes/ect. I'd want to start out from my home to build up the business before moving toward a doggie cafe (and other pet treats as well).
But, my problem is I have no idea what is required to do it legally and no idea where to look.
So where I'm looking for help is finding out what is required or where to search to find what is required. Once I figure this part out, I will start writing up a business plan (well, I'll start that anyway).

Thanks for any help you can give me!
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Check with the regional office of the Small Business Administration in your area, they'll be happy to get you started. You don't provide any information in your preferences on what state you're located in so I can't provide more specific information based on your location.

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I'm currenly in MA, but am considering moving to VT, NH or maybe upstate NY - where the cost of living is a little more affordable than it is in Boston.
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dear trudyw,
if you live in mass and have been laid off thru no fault of your own - check into a section 30(?<i think that's the #) at the unemployment office. if you go back to school for a certificate or to finish a degree you can collect unemployment for up to 44 weeks. i did this twice. any ? pm me. this can be a great opportunity for you. the degree or certificate has to be completed in a year.
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Check with your state's dept of agriculture, I believe they handle anything related to making foods for animals. Also, check with them regarding being licensed from home for wholesale food-human- production. Check with dept of health and town hall to see if they will allow human food production from the home...might nix the whole thing on you if you don't have a second kitchen but it really depends on where you live. Good luck!
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