Looking for Pastry School in Europe. HELP!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Choosing A Culinary School' started by veronika r, Apr 26, 2015.

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    Hi, my name is Veronika. I'm 25 and I'm an English and French language teacher. I would like to become a pastry chef.

    All my life I had a deep passion for many forms of art, but baking seems to be the most fulfilling form for me. I love creating and I love making people happy with my baked goods.

    I'm trying to find a good pastry school. I need a school that will provide me with a solid foundation needed for a job of a pastry chef (theory and basic techniques). I love to learn and I'm a hard worker, that makes me a good student, but as a teacher I require a positive learning environment and an educator with a bit of compassion for a beginner like me. It also wouldn't hurt if the school would provide me with certificate or diploma that would allow me to land a good internship and eventually a good job.

    As an EU citizen I wish to study in EU. I speak: Polish, English, French and a bit of Turkish.

    I rarely ask for help, but this is one of the most important decisions in my life and I need all the support I can get.

    Please if you would be so kind as to share your knowledge and expertise to help me with this choice I would be most grateful to you.
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    I would first take the time to look around and research some of the places you would like to work at. Then go in and ask to volunteer for a few days to see what it is like in those kitchens as a pastry cook. You can also remain in your job at the moment and work one or two days a week in a pastry kitchen to get the basic understanding of what a true pastry cook does and what you will be walking into.

    Please do not think that just because you have had a profession as a teacher and you decide to go to a school to get certified as a pastry cook that al of a sudden yo will be in charge of creating amazing pastries. You will not. You will be asked to do mundane chores of dishes, basic pastry such as mixing dough, cream anglaise, etc. day in and day out until you are blue in the face. They will ask you to be in the kitchen at un-godly hours of 2-3-4am to start the day and you will not finish until everything is cleaned and prepped for the next day which is usually 10-12 hours. If you are a baker then it is more overnight shifts. This is why it is crucial to work or volunteer in the industry before you go spend money at a school, just in case you find out the industry is not what you think it is.

    I am not wanting you to think of this as harsh or negative information, it is exactly what I learned people need to know as they are so disappointed when they spend all that money to get certified only to find out that even with certification, you will still be at the lower ranks when eventually working in the kitchens. 

    Hope this helps /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif
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    Ferrandi in Paris is Great!!!