Looking for passionate chefs in the Bay Area to be part of an exciting startup project! (Work your

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    Hello all!  My name's Yishan - I'm a student working on a food project (and a longtime lurker of these forums).  Having been a dishwasher and server in 2 different restaurants, I know from firsthand experience how difficult being a chef in the restaurant industry can be - asshole managers, bosses that expect you to put work ahead of family, long exhausting hours, and low pay.

    I've made a lot of good friends in my time in the restaurant industry and have seen a lot of them break down or negatively affected by the unnecessarily difficult conditions of the industry.  Passion can only get one so far, from what I've seen, when one owe thousands in student loans (or other liabilities) and the work environment is constantly hostile, sexist, and racist.  

    I've been working on a food project for the past 5 months to try and open a new opportunity for passionate, experienced, formally educated chefs  who are tired of dealing with the financial/social problems of the industry.

    You work your own hours and cook only what you want to cook.  You design your own menu.  No restrictions. No limitations on creativity.  No manager yelling at you. No drug addicts.  No 6+ hours of back-breaking labor to cook and clean an entire kitchen. Just you cooking your best recipe or signature dish.  Something you'd be proud to share with the world and represents you as a chef - a dish with your own story, something you grew up eating, something passed down in your family, or something you invented one night.  As for us, we'd never ask you to cook a certain dish because as a chef, you know what tastes better than anyone else - even customers and us.  We won't demand you to make ahi tuna or chicken You'd be your own boss and we'd provide everything else in between, including selling. 

    From our projections, you'd make 5 to 10X as much net revenue for your 1-2 hours of work cooking your best dishes than you would anywhere at any realistic hourly rate ($8-20) at any restaurant in the Bay Area.  But more importantly, you get to cook your own food and share your best recipe with as many people as you can.  You get to tell your story and actually show the passion and inspiration - rather than be bottled up all day cooking the same menus over and over again.

    If this sounds pretty damn cool to you, ping me an email at [email protected].  

    Take care, all.  I've appreciated all the advice and help that this forum and community has been for me in the past and hope to repay everyone's generosity and gratitude back one day through this.