looking for new knife recommendations - upgrading my old.. old. chefs knife (saboteur vs. german vs.

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    I am looking to purchase (1 or 2) new chef knives to replace what i currently have - which are older/inherited from my mother/uncle, from what i can tell no longer in business companies. 

    I've gone to look at some german knives in a local shop (henckels, wustof, victorinox) and some K-Sabatiers at a boutique shop. I've used both german and french shaped/styled knives before - i've never really used Japanese knives that i can recall (i have access to a low end santuko, but don't find myself reaching for it much at all). 

    I'm looking for a step up from what i have right now in terms of functionality as i'm doing a lot of large batch prep and cooking and need something that makes this feel less daunting. 

    I'm not really interested in spending $2-300 on one knife (which doesn't really seem like an issue based on what i've seen), but i want to make sure that i make some good decisions, and so am looking for some insight/opinion from anyone who has some good experience! :)

    I am left handed, but have never owned anything specific to that - from what I've read, it seems that this is really only a possible issue with Japanese knives, but that french and german are 50/50 sharpened? 

    I am a history buff, so i have to some extent, an interest in K-Sabatier antique and the T-I nogents at thebestthings, however, i'm not sure i really want a 10" chefs (i'm used to 8" and 9" - but they do not have either of these left in the nogents at this point - so if anyone knows of anyone selling a Thiers-Issard nogent 8 or 9" i'd love to hear about that too)

    i'm also on the fence to some extent on carbon steel vs. stainless - i've only ever owned stainless, so i don't have experience caring for carbon yet. 

    basically, any advice is welcome!

    thanks for reading! :)