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    Hey guys I am in need of a little advice from a professional and personal standing. I have been working in the industry for a couple years and food has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I havent taken my career through some of the typical hoops. I began by attending culinary school at JWU in Charlotte and then moved back to atlanta to AI. 2012 was a crazy year emotionally, financially,etc.I was forced to take a break from school and focus on other things. After losing my job in Jan. I decided to make a change and live a simpler life on a farm to learn about sustainability and growing among other things. I have been here for about 2 months so far as the kitchen manager. Its a pretty humble setting and there's a lot of work to be done. The farm I work at is still pretty young and is constantly changing and growing. The owners are pretty new to the whole farm thing as well and are learning all the while. Sometimes they are not the easiest to accept criticisms, especially when it comes to the garden. The guy they put in charge of the garden had a hard getting them to understand how important it was for them to prep the ground as they were ready to get things in the dirt asap. The gardener has told me it will grow but he doesn't know how well. The owners are nice folks and there is an oppourtunity for growth here but not sure if its right for me. This is only one example of my frustrations and probably not the best example to express my full chagrin about this place. I am tied here for now but not sure im learning all the things I left the city to learn. I have learned from my experience and dont want to give up on this place just yet. Im not getting paid to be here and am not concerned by money, however I do feel my time is worth something. I just dont want to waste it with powertools. It has definitely been an intersting time and hopefully I will figure it out for myself, but would like to hear from some of you. I am  young passionate chef who still has alot to learn at this point in my life I am willing to make changes that will help me grow. I am not afraid to live and work hard, but I have spent enough time working in environments where I am just working to work. Trying to be a part of something bigger than that; somewhere I can become a better chef and be proud of. Hope I made some sense and someone can offer some answers. thanks