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i am looking for help to make the perfect beef rouladen .  where I work we use spniach, croutons, feta crumble cheese and feta dressing.  I have a hard time make the perfect roll to gave that jelly roll look and making the stuffing? Help, please.
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"perfect beef rouladen"

I don't think I have ever made or been served the "perfect" dish or seen the perfect recipe.  Beef rouladen is a dish from Germany or Hungary. There are many versions with different names from all over Europe.  .From my experience as limited as it may be the traditional rouladen has dill pickles in it. here is a site that mhttp://www.quick-german-recipes.com/beef-rouladen-recipe.htmlay help.  Keep striving for perfection and hope to reach brilliance. Good luck   .
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Beef  Rouladen  in Germany are made and served as one roulade per person. In fancier restaurants where they have the labor you might get 2  smaller ones served per person.
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What is giving you difficulty in getting the jelly roll effect that you are looking for, is it the meat or the stuffing or both?
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