Looking for help getting a high end knife set

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I've been reading about the forum for a while now and was hoping I might be able to reach for some help of my own. I hope this is the right section, this is my first time posting, so if not just let me know and I will change it.

I have been cooking for a good four years now, granted on my own out of a personal interest, but I do so (I'd like to think) at a very complex level. I like making dishes that take 10 hours if not days, sometimes weeks, to prepare. I have quite a range of equipment, including some decent knives I got from the fish market in Japan during a trip there, but I think it's time for an upgrade.

I was looking for something very special. A beautiful set of knives that can really be considered an art piece. I have a preference towards Japanese knives, just because that's what I've had the most experience with so far, but anything of extremely high quality is ideal. This is really a life long gift to myself, so in terms of price I'm looking at around 1500 if not more, if the set is really special. I would hope for around an eight to ten piece set, but I can go for less if it means better quality. I've looked at knives such as the Shun Hiro seven piece set, but I continue to get mixed reviews, and I've read you all are great at providing suggestions. I have spent an unimaginable amount of time practicing my knife skills, so something more delicate that requires a bit more care wouldn't be an issue either.

I really appreciate the help, and if there is any more information that would help, I'll quickly post away. 

Thanks again,
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Welcome to the forum. Since you have been reading the forum for a while you already know that there are many opinions, some very loud, about knives.  :)

One thing that might help get folks going is to understand your priorities. What exactly do you mean by "art piece" and is appearance more or less important than performance? Where does comfort or traditionalism fit into your priorities.

It also might help if you give a bit more information on the knives you already have that you consider decent. We have no context for the upgrade you are considering.

The only other input I can give at this time is: Be open-minded, evaluate the input given but remember it is just input, and if you don't already have a tough hide... grow one fast!
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I am not sure about the 'art' end of knife quality but I do think highly of two German brands which I use. One is Zwilling Henckels. There are various levels of quality but having gotten my knife while in Germany (at a WWF store in Heidelberg) I am not sure what quality I have. I only know I love it. It retains its edge beautifully.

The other brand I have come to admire is Victorinox. Famous for the Swiss army knife, their line of kitchen knives are also of high quality. I have a 4" and a 6" paring knife and 4 steak knives. These are not the top of the line and have a Fibrox handle. But for the price they are quite nice. The higher end knives hold an edge much better. 

I also have a Japanese 'folded steel' knife which I love.
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