Looking for help deciding on starter knives

Discussion in 'Cooking Knife Reviews' started by rawrimmabear, Feb 19, 2016.

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    I have begun to pursue my passions for culinary arts and wanted to ask for advice on knife sets. I was reading through forums and noticed one post about korin.com and began browsing. I have always wanted to get Japanese style knives particularly for the heritage and craftsmanship the Japanese makers come with. I noticed that under the Japanese style there is no "Chefs" knife. Instead the Gyukou and Sujibiki act as the chefs knife. I want to buy http://korin.com/Togiharu-Molybdenu...ility-Knife-3-Piece-Set?sc=27&category=280055 set. I am open to other sets and forging methods but at this point I am still new