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Hi, I'm currently looking for a Head of Kitchen Operations/Head Chef to work at our vegan food service and delivery startup here in Orange County, CA. Flourish Food is a vegan food service startup that delivers freshly prepared vegan meals and pre-measured ingredients to cities in Orange County, CA. We are a local business that supports the community by using local and organic produce from farms not more than 75 miles away from our commercial kitchen. We also have a social mission of providing our consumers and the local community with educational resources on nutrition, food supply systems, health, the environment, and community building.

Below are the details of the position responsibilities: 
  • Monitor sanitation practices to ensure that employees follow standards and regulations.
  • Check the quality of raw or cooked food products to ensure that standards are met.
  • Estimate amounts and costs of required supplies, such as food and ingredients.
  • Instruct cooks or other workers in the preparation, cooking, garnishing, or presentation of food.
  • Supervise or coordinate activities of cooks or workers engaged in food preparation.
  • Inspect supplies, equipment, or work areas to ensure conformance to established standards.
  • Order or requisition food or other supplies needed to ensure efficient operation.
  • Determine production schedules and staff requirements necessary to ensure timely delivery of services.
  • Check the quantity and quality of received products.
  • Coordinate planning, budgeting, or purchasing for all the food operations 
  • Analyze recipes to assign prices to menu items, based on food, labor, and overhead costs.
  • Prepare and cook foods of all types, either on a regular basis or for special guests or functions.
  • Recruit and hire staff, such as cooks and other kitchen workers.
  • Collaborate with other personnel to plan and develop recipes or menus, taking into account such factors as seasonal availability of ingredients or the likely number of customers.
  • Demonstrate new cooking techniques or equipment to staff.
  • Arrange for equipment purchases or repairs.
  • Meet with customers to discuss menus for special occasions, such as weddings, parties, or banquets.
Requirements include:
  • Minimum of two years’ experience as a Chef in a fast-paced commercial kitchen
  • Strong leadership, communication and organizational skills
  • Proven ability to effectively manage, train, and supervise employees
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a fast paced, high quality food operation and to make sound decisions under pressure
  • Catering experience
  • Experience with menu development, planning and preparation
  • Solid working knowledge of food production, presentation, recipe development, cultural cuisines, vegetarian and vegan cuisines, and be keenly aware of new trends and directions in the food service industry
  • Ability to meet culinary financial objectives by estimating requirements; preparing annual budget; designing menus; tracking inventory; placing orders, and analyzing variances
  • Establishes and maintains effective client and resident relations
  • Promote a positive work environment and be committed to achieving excellence in a team setting
  • Associate’s degree or Chef’s Certificate from accredited culinary school or association preferred but not required
Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $42,000.00 /year

Benefits: Health insurance, paid time off 

Required experience:
  • cooking in a commercial kitchen: 2 years
  • attending a culinary program: 1 year
  • leading a culinary team: 1 year
  • supervising employees: 2 years
  • Keeping production records: 1 year
  • taking inventory and placing orders: 2 years
Required licenses or certifications:
  • Drivers License
  • ServSafe
  • American Culinary Association
Please send resume to [email protected] and we'll be in contact within 24 hours. Thank you for your time. 

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