Looking for favourite Soup Recipes and your thoughts

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Some of my students are entering  the culinary fare competition this year, I have 3 good soups for them to have a look at (1 is Asian with stuffed Scallops in it, kind of brothy and hot and sour, the 2nd one is Indian Dhal type and the 3rd Forest mushroom with brioche bread spoons topped wth frizzled mushroom garnish) just wondering does anyone have a really great soup recipe that is a bit different. What bread would you offer, I have a few ideas but still looking for out of the bag extraordinary thoughts.Everything is in it's early stages as the fare is in July.
Cheers Everyone
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one of my favorite soups is borscht but  many odnt appreciate it and dont realize the kind of color you get from beets. i love it cause the color form beets, and i love beets, is just awsome. nothing much to it, brown some meat add some carrots and onions seat and cut up the beets and cook them then half way add potatoes and then sourkrout. can be pureed  or just as is with a nice chive sour cream.i like lentil soups, never made one but im sure its just browining some ham or some meat, add some vegis sweat and deglaze with stock then cook a lil then add lentils. i like simple soups nothing crazy.
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I do a Roasted Butternut Squash Bisque garnished with a Ginger Creme Friache drizzel and Toasted Pepitas
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 My two favorites are a Vietnamese fish soup(can't even begin to spell the name) and the simple Tomato Basil.

The first gets your favorite firm, white fish, ginger, rice, thai chiles, scallions, and coconut milk.

The second gets tomatoes, salt, pepper, and a basil chiffonade to finish.  Puree or leave chunky depending on the presentation that you want.  Its simplicity is its shining beauty.  When executed well, it is truly amazing.
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Hi Guys,
Sound loevly, the academy has won the excellence award for the last four years( a few want to knock us off our perch so as to speak, pressures on), like all of your ideas, I like simplicity and the students to show off their knife skills, Borscht,is lovely served with duck patties as an accompaniment, or de- constructed so the customer can build up their own flavours.I also like the butternut squash idea.I also like the Asian style soups, the nice broths clear with just a bit of seafood but the flavour explodes in your mouth from the clean beautiful well balanced flavours. Well lots to think about thank you so much for your thoughts much appreciated.

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