Looking for current students or recent graduates of a culinary institute in CA

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Hi all, 

I'm looking to shoot a piece about someone who is a culinary school graduate and know's what they want in life, has a goal, and is taking the steps to get there. Looking for an exciting person with an awesome story, and a dream to make it to the big time. 
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"CA" as in California?


"CA" as in missing the, "N", for "CAN"? [Canada]

If in Canada, I'm sure you can find a few of the willing at any of your local culinary schools. If you're looking for the tear jerking stories....brother..there's a'plenty. Just lurk around any of the pubs pushing out upscale swag sheen plates, you'll spot that one rugged line cook or Chef w/ the stories you're looking for.

Happy hunting.

- Gator Valle
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