Looking for culinary school.

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Hello my name is Zachary. I am in my senior year of high school. I am home schooled. I was looking into the Culinary institutes of America NY. I haven't taken the ACT's or the SAT's. Do I need to take those in order to go to this school? I have wanted to become a cook ever since I was 5 years old. Its my passion. I hope that with the right education and a lot of hard work I will one day be a chef. If Someone could help me I would deeply appreciate it. Thank you     
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I don't know what kinda meat you're smoking, but I'm at CIA RIGHT NOW, and it is a college. Trade schools offer Certificates, CIA offers degrees at two levels, AOS and BPS. CIA is also strenuously intellectual.


CIA was the best decision I've ever made. If you want to be a professional chef. If you have the fire in your belly, the passion to do so and follow through, getting literally cut, burnt, and berated in the process, then CIA is right for you.

Hope to see you at school!

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Maybe just look here: 


[h1]Admissions Requirements: 
Here's What You Need to Attend the CIA[/h1]
The Culinary Institute of America is looking for candidates who can demonstrate academic competence and who have some professional food preparation experience. The college has a selective admissions process that evaluates each candidate individually. The basic requirements are as follows:
  • A high school diploma or GED credential.  We do not have a minimum GPA requirement.
  • Recommendations—you'll need one or more, depending on which program you're applying for.
  • Assessment tests—if you are accepted and enroll at the CIA, you may be required to take placement tests to determine your first classes, so you can begin your studies confident that your education will meet your needs. * Please note:  All degree applicants to our Greystone programs must take math and writing assessment tests through COMPASS[emoji]8482[/emoji] or provide alternative test/course scores. Learn more.
  • Six months of hands-on food preparation experience in a professional kitchen or bakery working with fresh ingredients, for at least 10–15 hours a week.  Please note that you do not need this experience to apply for admission—the requirement must be met before you enter the CIA.There are many ways you can satisfy our foodservice experience requirement.
Check out our step-by-step application instructions  to see what you'll need to apply for each of our programs. If you have questions, just e-mail or call our Admissions Office and we'll get you an answer ASAP—[email protected]  or 1-800-CULINARY.
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