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I'm starting as a culinary school student this Monday and I'm required to wear chef shoes in class. With that said, I opened my web browser, looked through forums and articles and after doing my research I was 90% sure i would buy a pair of super birkis. Yesterday I went out to try them on and what I found out was that they were really weird. I'm a 42 and when I tried a 42 on it was huge. I proceed to the 41 then 40 and later a 39! The 39 had the best fit around my feet but my toes were touching the front. The 40 on the other hand had a nice length but it felt like it was about to come off. I tried a shoes for crews then I think it was froggz classic or something which was much cheaper and had a near perfect fit. It didn't feel as good as the super birki on my feet though. My question is what do you people recommend? Any advice will be helpful
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Birkenstock sucks. They feel like Crocs. I don't like wearing them at all. Shoes For Crews has good grip but not ergonomic enough for long hours in a standing position. Dansko is best in my opinion. I can stand in them for 15 hours straight without hurting my back. I heard doctors wear them when performing a long operation too.
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Every body is different and so are the shoes that body does best with. I wore Dansko for years. I wore Birkenstock Londons for years. Now for years I have been wearing Croc Bistros. They all work well for me.

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