looking for certain packaging type (cookie)

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I'm adding little over 4oz big cookies to my product line.

I'm trying to figure out how to do this kind of packaging you see attached.. It a cookie from KFC, which sucks by the way but to be expected lol.

I'm looking for something that is easy to open the package without using a scissor to cut it open. I bought two type of poly bags and one line heat sealer. one bag was a little cloudy looking, when i heat sealed it and tried to open, the bag stretch and it was tough until eventually break open. The other bag was clear, when i heat sealed it and tried to open it, the bag didn't stretch at all but it hard to open and couldn't open it lol.

is there certain type of bag and/or sealer to get this kind of packaging?


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We use an impulse-sealer to package cookies; I got this one from Amazon but I'm sure you can find it at a craft/hobby store or even ULine if you shop there



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Hi I get my cookie bags from clearbags.com they have a wide variety of bags you can also call them and get samples and recommendations on what bags to use, hope it works out for you!
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