Looking for an accredited school in the Los Angelas area

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Hello its been a while since I have posted and am doing so on behalf of a friend who is interested in culinary school. I have been in the business 15 years or so. I started out working as a line cook and chefs assistant before going to school. I wound up finding a school here in NOLA which was a junior school that had a very respected culinary program. It was around 5k a year and the classes met once a week for 12 hours and all students were required to work at an approved restaurant and log hours, stations etc. The theory classes were great, but as you might expect the lab classes were just so so. The chefs were great, but for 5k a year they did not have some essential ingredients for the lab classes. We used alot of substitutions, for saffron, truffles etc. This was fine for me as I was getting the experience and exposure to product at work that I was not getting at school. The classes were small, and my classmates average age was around 25. 6 years later I decided to go to Johnson and Wales in Charlotte. Great facility, and staff, and lots of exposure to any product I wanted. I went on to assist in teaching and work for the school as a culinary recruiter. It was over all a great experience. The only problem I had with JWU is that I found there was a much younger student body, and many were just there to have fun. When it was all said and done, I felt like what I got from my education at Delgado in NOLA was better, all things considered than JWU. I would like to know if anyone knows of any schools the Los Angeles area that is somewhere in between the two experiences I had, and are accredited. Cost is definitely a concern, and although AI and Cordon Blue have their accolades, I do not feel like these schools are what my buddy needs. He wants to work while he attends classes so needs a school that he can schedule around his schedule. Any help would be apprieciated. Thank you in advance.
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