Looking for Almond Toast recipe

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I am looking for a recipe that would be similar to the Stella D'Oro Almond Toast biscuits. They look like biscotti. The texture is like a fine but perhaps firm sponge cake. Stella D'Oro also makes them in Anise flavor and those are sold both as plain sponge cookies and the toasted version. While I do love to cook I have never been a cake lover or baker. In fact I just bought my very first stand mixer (a Cuisinart 5 qt). So I have no experience in determining a recipe that would be firm enough to bake as a biscotti style loaf, which would then be sliced and re-baked. Any suggestions?
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Try Recipezar.com...they seem to have a rather loyal following. I have used a few recipes after reading member feedback's and have not been disappointed. I love "Stella's" products. Let us know what you come up with.
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