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    Hi all! First time posting here. Fist of all SORRY FOR THE LONG POST (you have been warned).

    So, my name is Bruno, I'm about to turn 30 years old and living (my entire life, duh) in Buenos Aires (Argentina, yeah, down south, almost falling off the map!).

    When I graduated from high school (like a bazillion years ago, along with dinosaurs and old wizards) I tried culinary studies here but left them because I didn't wanted that rhythm as a profession (the long hours, the little life)...

    Fast forward a bazillion years (no more dinos! That sucks!) and here I am, with a university degree in international commerce, a pretty well paid job at one of the most respect companies in the country, but the kitchen is calling back, like a memory from the past, like a voice in the back of the head.

    I'm re thinking a lot of things in my life (midlife crisis much?) and I honestly think I'm not pursuing any kind of passions right now and, looking in retrospective, cooking is THE one thing that I love to do, and would love to do a lot more, and a lot better, and with a lot of bet people, and learning a lot of other things along the way.

    So I'm seriously considering taking a season off (call it 2, 3, 6 or an indefinite amount of months) to learn more of this art.

    Along this feeling I've got the realization that I could do this almost anywhere in the world if it's "kinda affordable" because, trust me, chef schools here are expensive as hell, so if I have to choose to pay here and to pay anywhere else and also get the chance to learn about a new culture, the choice is not that hard.

    Now down to the facts:

    - I'm in process of getting my European Passport (Italian), with some luck would take something around 8 months and up to a year from now.

    - I have savings to sustain myself for about a year (more or less, depending on the costs of the chosen city).

    - I could work while I study, considering everything would be new experience for me I can really seeing myself doing some effort and working + studying lots of hours. No pain no gain!

    - I've read here about a school in Sofia (Bulgaria) with internships in Europe and the US as part of the study plan, I think it costed something around 3.5k euro /year. That's something I consider "affordable", it's around the cost of studying here, maybe even cheaper!

    - considering I'll be moving for some time I would prefer a school, but I've also read people mention "apprenticeships" and such, any info on that would be great!

    - about my skills, I'm pretty fluent in english, native in Spanish and planning to learn Italian during this year.

    So to sum this up, any kind of counseling, advice, comments, feedback, links to read or names to Google out would be highly appreciated!

    Feel free to ask anything I might now have clarified.

    Thanks for taking the time to read!

    I'll be checking this forum a lot more, looks pretty awesome!