Looking for Advise on how to cook on a Vulcan Gas Griddle Stove

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Hi Folks, I'm new here and not a professional cook. But thanks for having me.

I'm a member of a local veterans club and do volunteer work for them as well. This Saturday, I need to run the grill for our Bingo night. Nothing crazy, grilled cheese, hot dogs, basic stuff. I've never used this grill top besides cleaning it at the end of the night. So, I'm looking for advice as far as any tips or tricks, so my food doesn't stick to this surface. For example, if I were to make a grilled cheese at home, I'd use butter on each side of the bread the touches the pan. But, is there another way on this surface, so I don't burn, or stick the food to the grill? Attached are pictures of what I'm working with.

Any advice for would be greatly appreciated.


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Talk to those who have used that particular grill before - some are quirky temp-wise. Get your flame set early, I run one side cooler than the other so I have a "warming" side (buns, eggs, etc.) and a "hot" side (meats, etc.)... you need o get it fired up a few hours before you're planning on cooking on it, and don't turn it up too far or you will schortch it. Good high quality veg oil / liquid shortening / clarified butter. Keep it meticulously clean as you work with your spat or a scraper (or both).

Treat it as you would any hot cooking surface (like your grilled cheese), If it's smoking it's too hot, and get some practice like a couple flats of eggs?) before you're put on the spot. For dogs do them to order (if possible) and keep them moving on the grill. Grilled cheese do it just like at home, but usually in a kitchen thing you used a brush and melted butter as it's faster and easier.

Don't be afraid of it, just get used to it. Get the temp dialed in, and leave that part alone. You will need less flame once it gets hot - part of dialing it in.

Get or find a GOOD spatula and practice with it.

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