Looking for Advice on large appliances for new bar kitchen

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    Hello all,
    I've joined the site after reading lots of posts lately in attempts to find professional advice and info related to starting a new bar and grill/tavern. I'm the kitchen manager and while our business focus is on the bar with food to support it, our goals are from scratch homestyle cooking as opposed to typical bar fare. So far the menu is fleshing out to be sandwiches and burgers, soups, salads, fries (almost the only deep fried item) and a couple of desserts (apple pie being our anchor). I've been a small time caterer as a side job for a couple years and the owners are very good friends who have done lots of business with me through that time. Though my professional restaurant experience is limited to one year a long time ago, our projections and plans are all on point so far and we expect to open in a month or so (we're located in Brooklyn,NY).

    My questions at the moment involve our large and medium sized appliances as next week is the physical buildout. Our kitchen is 8.5x11, the bar can hold about 70 people, but that includes standing room, and at first the kitchen will be open from 5 to 11 Wedn through Sunday, with some reheatable all hours options for late drunkenness. My guess is that 30 covers a night would be great at first and we will have to build up to that for a couple months. But more than that is possible in the near future and we're hoping to add lunch and a weekend brunch, staying open basically noon to midnight 7 days a week. The cooking station is against an 8.5 foot wall, refrigeration will be against the other wall of same size, sinks and dishwasher on long wall with prep on other long wall but sharing that with kitchen door (making about 5 ft of prep space). Also, we're only electric and induction, no gas.

    On my list of what seems to fit the space and our needs while allowing for menu growth are:
    36" flattop griddle, countertop
    12" 30lb fryer, countertop
    2 or 4 portable induction burners (probably 3000 watts)
    16" steamer oven, countertop
    Double slow cooker
    Possiblyb a 25" upper mounted electric toaster (instead of a gas salamander)
    2 32" wide convection ovens under the counter
    17" Dehydrator for beef jerky (but that can be stored and brought out at off hours when each square inch isn't needed for service)

    What seems to be missing or unnecessary on this list?
    Are these sizes realistic or am I shortchanging or overshooting one of the appliances based on my crude description of our space and menu?

    All advice welcome!