Looking for advice from Japnese knife owners on the difference in weight, durability, edge retention

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Hello and thanks in advance for your time. I am a caterer and have been using Shun classic knives for everything from dicing vegetables to butter flying chicken breast. I like my Shuns however I recently started looking at the hocho knives website and would like to try something different. I like what I am reading about ryusen knives and am hoping someone here can share some experiences with them. The title hopefully explains the different characteristics I am concerned with.
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Hi, there is a knife discussion page in the cooking equipment reviews section.
I suggest you post your knife specific questions there. You will get a lot of advice and opinions.
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Mods can move it if they want.  Anyway if you're talking about this one, http://www.hocho-knife.com/brands/Ryusen.html it's an OEM blade sold under many names.  Sakai takayuki has one like this, yoshihiro has one.  I never used the gyuto, but i have a petty sold by JCK as Gekko.  Don't like it at all; it's a fat little turd that's hard to sharpen.

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