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I'm a senior Hospitality major in Arkansas and I'm looking for a good culinary school, hopefully abroad. I studied in Scotland last spring and now I feel like I need to go back to Europe to study baking and pastry. However, my problems are mostly financial. I'm looking for a school that has a baking and pastry program and will offer a scholarship of some sort. The best would obviously be a full ride, but that's unlikely to be found. Does anyone know of a school that might offer a scholarship? Possibly even help me to find a job before going over there so as to pay my way?

I don't mind taking out a loan, but I would prefer not to as I haven't had to since starting college more than three years ago.


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Don't take out a loan. Why not just stick around the US for a while and earn some money till your ready to go back? There are so many great places in the US to learn from. Sometimes we get in the mind set that we have to go to Europe but there are plenty of excellent places to learn here. I am speaking specifically of restaurants with good chefs. 

Don't get me wrong Europe is a great experience for the culture alone but it doesn't sound like it is the right time for you to go back. Just my two cents.

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