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    I am looking for an interesting job.

    Being a chef and avid farmer, I am looking for a hospitality job that would combine the two.

    i have worked in the hospitality industry for most of my life. Gone through many positions such as server, busboy, cook, kitchen manager, valet, housekeeping, event manager.. I then created my own personal chef business which catered to individuals and large events such as weddings, festivals and many private parties around the city. I have managed a food truck which catered to festivals such as Shambalah and bass coast as well as worked for the U2 Joshua tree tour.

    Personally, ive grown my own food for the past two seasons, grew my own herbs (medicinal and culinary) and took care of 4 chickens.

    Two me, one cannot go without the other. In a world where food quality is so poor and the disconnection between Soil and plate is so extreme, i wish to find jobs that work towards this.

    I am also looking to develop my cooking techniques. Interested in molecular gastronomy and more advanced techniques

    I am fluent in English and french (originally born in France) and have both nationalities.

    Im open for seasonal or long term jobs and can relocate.
    I can send my resume when needed.
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    You may want to consider opening your own restaurant that serves fresh ingredients and foods from the farm.