Looking for a job in catering/ event organizing around Bolton, England

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    Hey I'm wondering if anyone around Bolton is hiring for a weekend job ? (i currently go in college 3 days a week but after June I'm more free and could work 5 days) i have been looking for work for quite a few years now and i have had no luck and id like to know if anyone is hiring around where i live in Bolton?, i have been in a catering course for almost a year and 6 months now at Bolton College. I started late in January the first time where i was taught basic cookery, cutting skills and hygiene, we worked in the kitchen on the ground floor next to the Signature                 

    restaurant and we also served food to lecturers and students there at dinner time, i did only part time 2 days a week. I restarted the course and now we are in the little kitchen on the first floor, same basic cooking and cutting skills and hygiene, we have also completed a safe lifting unit so we don't hurt ourselves when lifting food or any objects, we keep diaries after every class and our recipes in a folder, we now cook all the food for the Diversity Cafeteria and the Infusion coffee bar.

    We also have done work on recognizing all the food we cook with like meats, herbs, vegetables, which type of flour is used for what dish etc... we are also going to make food for the college prom this year which me and my class will all be at, then we will cook food for the day we accept our entry level 3 certificates. During the course i also was on a 8 week work placement at De Vere Whites in the Reebok Stadium in Horwich waiting on customers and clearing tables, i also have a level 2 Food Hygiene certificate. I feel i have done quite a lot now and I'm ready to be taken on by someone who can teach me more in catering, i have done basic catering but i made sure i got experience in both the cooking aspect and the serving side of it and I've cooked quite a few different dishes, it would be great if i was offered training from someone who is willing to hire as i don't think i would know enough in more advanced catering jobs, id really love it if it was planning and setting up events like parties or weddings as i really like to put something together for others to enjoy themselves.

    I live around Manchester Road near Burnden Park, Asda, if there is anyone close by it would be even better for me as i won't be going back onto the job centre after i have finish my course on June 27th so i won't really have an awful lot of money to travel back and forwards, i don't have a car or know how to drive,  i don't know if all places that plan parties need someone to drive or pick people up that are helping unless it's in the same area but even if i have to travel to work myself i have enough savings to hold me up till my first wage comes in, but not if the location is really far. I would not mind working in a little restaurant to start off with too, i feel i should start off small as it would be my first job, i think going too big would be too big of a jump but if there is any starting catering business's near me too i would gladly work with you.
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