Looking for a great meat sauce recipe

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Equal parts "Pastorelli's" canned pizza sauce and store-brand crushed fire-roasted tomatoes. I get mine from 'da Jewel's. Dump into a saucepan and let it heat up for a few minutes. Then add the meat and let it cook for another 5-minutes. It's AG you're G2G. 
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That's a really good recipe. To make it "mine" I use some of my own "tomato jam" for the puree and I use fire-roasted tomatoes.

tomato jam recipe:

1 pkg. sun-dried tomatoes (dry) minced
1 sm. shallot chopped
1 tblspn. roasted garlic
a few shakes "wooster sauce" (as Ramsay says)

The tomatoes go into a saucepan just covered w/ olive oil until I hear sizzling, then off the heat until they suck up the oil, stirring every few minutes.
Everything goes into the food-pro and blitzed until somewhat all smooth.
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Pound of ground beef browned

medium onion chopped and added to the meat as it browns

chopped garlic to taste(I use 4-5 cloves) sauteed in with the meat when it is almost done

Dried basil, oregano to taste added and cooked a tiny bit with the meat(again to taste)

salt and pepper to taste when you start the beef browning

I sometimes add a bit of ground fennel for that sausage taste...

When that is cooked add:

1 pint of tomato sauce

1 pint of whole tomatoes(I use both from my own garden)

Simmer this until the whole tomatoes break down and the sauce thickens, I add more herbs near the end for a brighter flavor. A little half sharp paprika adds a bit of zing, and you can add sugar to taste if you want to cut the acid.

Notice I had very few actual amounts listed. I like strong flavors so use more garlic and herbs than most will so I use more... a little olive oil at the beginning to start the meat browning is good too.
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maryb maryb my sauce is made the sameness except I do not use herbs, I put cloves in instead and I like to add a bit of tomato paste as well, makes it more rich. I made it yesterday and added a couple of tbsp of butter this time, made it nice.
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