Looking for a good loose leaf tea place

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After the whole starbucks/teavanna thing got discovered (being organic is far from organic at all and the most pesticide laden tea), it left a bad taste in my mouth about that company. It really was the last straw in a series of straws. I liked it before starbucks bought it but it's really gone down hill. 

Anyone know of a honest loose leaf tea company that doesn't lie about their product and sells half decent tea that doesn't have certain teas that taste artificial? 


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Do a quick google search and you will find a whole lot of tea companies out there.  There are many smaller, "mom & pop" kind of sites that really cater to very serious tea drinkers and as such, the product is great but you will pay a lot.  I've had good luck with Davids and one of my favorites is Teagschwendner.  Lots of plain teas and a wonderful selection of high quality flavored teas.
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This place is across the street from South China House restaurant and South East Market, two places I frequent, but I've never been inside. It might be time to find some good, dark tea for another batch of tea cured salmon.


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