Looking for a good digital kitchen/baking scale. Any suggestions?

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Hi, I haven't been baking for very long and I'm looking for fairly inexpensive, but good kitchen/baking scale. I would prefer digital, but I'm open to suggestions. I've been looking online for the last week or so and have found a few I like. I wanted to get some feedback before I make a purchase. Would anyone be able to recommend any of these? Has anyone used any of these? At this point I don't even know what brands are good or if they're all about the same.


Thanks, Jason
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My first step would be to use the Cheftalk search function, as we've had several discussions on this, one fairly recently.

FWIW I use a Salter that cost me about 30 bucks. It tares-out easily, and has digital read-outs in grams, kilos, ounces, and pounds. I've been using it going on three years and am very satisfied with it.
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I have the Escali Pana. I love it. If it ever broke, I would buy the exact same scale again
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I've had several of these spring type scales go bad on me.  ON some it was the electronics, on some eventually it just didn't give accurate readings.  I think my next one will be a balance scales, but God knows where I'll put it.  
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