Looking for a Donut Caramel Glaze Recipe...

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In a few days I'm going to make Maple Custard filled Cream Puffs and would like to dip the tops in a Caramel Glaze, similar to the type found on donuts.  Does anyone have a solid recipe?  I have one for a Caramel sauce but I think it won't hold it's shape.  Could I add Powdered Sugar to it for strength?
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I think a poured fondant flavored with maple compound/essence/flavoring will work fine. or caramel flavor.

If you're looking for a straight caramel just use less cream.

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Think of a glaze having more water and lets it cover over the entire donut, like a "glazed Donut" thin, able to flow over the product being covered. A icing has less water making it more like a frosting feel, you put it on, it stays put. I would make something in between a Icing and a glaze using water and powdered sugar and caramel flavor & color....................ChefbillyB
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I made a pint of Traditional Caramel Sauce (butter & cream brought to a sculled and then combined with browned granulated sugar in water). Hot it runs smooth and when it sets it holds pretty well (tart example: http://www.doubledangercomics.com/ChocoCarm.jpg) but I feel it might be too translucent, too Caramel Apple'ie.

Let's say that the Traditional Caramel Sauce is my Caramel Component, what can I add to make it more like a Donut Glaze?

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