Looking for a decent chefs knife and 50 $ and sharpening tool?

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Hey, I'm cooking since about half a year now and I thought it was about time to get an actual knife, I am a student so Im on a budget and sadly can't afford any high end knifes.

I will need the knife mostly for coping of vegetables, onions tomatoes etc. and meat.

Are there any good options for under 50$?

And would you also buy a sharpening tool, when yes wich?

Im sorry for all my questions, Im just a bit overwhelmed with a ll the options there are

Thank you!
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What length of knife are you looking for?

For under <$50, Victorinox 

For a little over $50, Tojiro DP or Fujiwara FKM
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The Artifex I would rate as more likely than not to come with huge bevel shoulders and not particularly well ground going all the way to the edge. I would not recommend for someone who isn't looking for a project knife. It takes hours of work on the stones to cut like a Tojiro DP OOTB
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