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I am attending a culinary school that I feel is not that good. I would like it if I could get some feedback from some of the working chefs and executive chefs out there on where I should go to school. I am willing to move wherever (in the US) and pay whatever I have to in order to get the best culinary education.
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You need to look into the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. It is the very best in the US if not the world. They offer a 2 yr. AOS degree for just cooking or a 4yr hotel rest. management...you are foolish if you don't do it :chef:
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There are great culinary schools out there -- you need to evaluate what you are willing to put into the experience and what you are expecting to get out of it.

What is going on/not going on at your current school that makes you unsure of the experience you are having? Classes to large? Not enough hands-on? not enough contacts? too much classtime, not enough lab time? unapproachable instructors?

This info may help us help you find thye school you are looking for. Also - what are your goals? what kind of experience are you looking for? are you tied to Texas, or can you look elsewhere? if not in Texas, where would you be willing to look? Do you want to stay nearby? do you participate/want to participate in extracurricular activities - both culinary and non-culinary related? Will you need to rely on heavy financial aid? Do you have plenty of related food experience?

I know it can be frustrating when you are not having the experience you dreamed of/hoped for. Let's see what we can do to remedy that.

In the meantime, chin up, absorb all that you can!

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That's a great question. I spent a solid year researching, calling, reading, and talking to schools all over the U.S. The biggest question you have to ask yourself is: What kind of a culinary career are you looking for? Restaurants, clubs, catering, food stylist, private chef, television, personal chef, corporate foodservice...knowing what field you want to enter will GREATLY narrow your choice of schools. To put it in perspective, I DIDN'T know what field I really wanted. Consequently, I chose the wrong school. I chose a school that got me in and out in twelve months, had a four-month externship and an associates degree in just 16 months. The downside was I got a crash course in everything and concentrated on nothing. I graduated in 1996 and zoomed right up the ladder. Actually I took the elevator. I thought faster was better. I've done alot in 5 years. Even done cooking shows on t.v.

BUT, I missed alot along the way! and it all started with the school I went to. Is CIA the best? For some. Know what you want BEFORE you make anymore decisions. :chef:
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