Looking for a bright green dessert sauce for Christmas plate design

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I am teaching a class on holiday food "decorating" an would like to do a holly design on the plate. Any suggestion for a green sweet sauce.


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A lot would depend on what it is being served with.  One thought is a crème anglaise flavored/colored with pistachio paste which is usually green.
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       Of course you can always use green food coloring. But as Pete said, we don't know what you're putting it with.

     Then you could make chlorophyll to color the sauce. There's a recipe in the Roux Brothers "New Classic Cuisine" They don't say anything about using it in desserts but I guess it depends.

You might also be able to melt some kind of green candies. 
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Depending on the other elements of the dish (natch) I would first look at herbs.

Mint is a logical dessert flavour  (maybe too much so). If you can get your hands on some fresh Holy Basil that would be a winner.  It has an almost tropical fruit quality.

Either way green herbs can easily be blended into something like an angaise.  Or just sheared into a syrup, hit with some agar agar and made into a fluid gel.

Think about green beverages (Chartreuse?) that can be turned into a sauce.

Heck, its a Christmas thing, right?  A puree of those green "fruit cake" cherries might do the trick, and be seasonally applicable!

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