looking for a bread recipe that's good served at room temp

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Hi everyone... kinda new to the site, finding my way around.  This is only my second "real" post so please be kind!

I know I tend to ramble on and on, so let me try to ask this question with only the bare minimum of necessary background explanation.  Hey, that's tough for me!

I'm searching for a couple of good bread recipes that are meant to be served at room temperature, or at least that don't suffer horribly from not being hot out of the oven.  I'm making these for parking lot tailgating parties and there won't be any way to heat up whatever is prepared -- I don't attend the tailgates myself, I only make the food that is brought.

The LAX season only started a few weeks ago and so far I've been baking desserts for the tailgates. I'm starting to do some part-time catering work (mostly cakes) and I need to spread word of mouth.

The problem is that the Lenten season just began and the tailgaters in question are supporting a sports team from a Catholic university so there is a very high proportion of people who won't eat sweets and desserts during Lent.  I figured I would switch to non-dessert baked goods instead, but most of my go-to bread recipes are best hot out of the oven.  I'm just not sure what to make that can be prepared for a large number of people, is transportable without professional equipment, and doesn't need to be fresh and hot to still look and taste great.

Any suggestions?  I'm really looking for ideas; I can locate or create the actual recipes on my own, but I don't know what to make!
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I'm not sure I understand what you're looking for. Most yeast breads, and virtually all quick breads are fine at room temperature. In fact, hot out of the oven is often detrimental to bread, particularly if it will be sliced.

Warm is one thing, hot something else.

What sort of breads have you been making?

For tailgating, it seems to me, rolls and buns make more sense than whole loaves.
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I agree with KYH that yeasted breads need to be allowed to cool completely before cutting into them. During baking a process called gelatinization takes place whereby the starches in the flour absorb liquid to the point of bursting. When the bread comes out of the oven the gelatinization process is not yet complete. Excess moisture evaporates out through the cust as the bread cools and the starches set up. Cutting into fresh out of the oven bread leaves the slices doughy and lacking flavor.

But, enough food science.... How about bagels instead of bread?
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Sorry, guys, but while I may be with you about not cutting the bread completely hot, what in heck is the point of making homemade bread if you don't get to slice into it warm and eat it when it's at it's very best, one step next to heaven?   Science, Schmience!  Bread is so good warm.!
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Warm is one thing, Siduri. Hot is something else again. And that's what the OP originally referred to: "....don't suffer horribly from not being hot out of the oven."

I'll say it again, I don't know of any yeast bread to which that applies. Slicing hot out of the oven is a no-no. And most breads should certainly be fine at room temperature.

One of the truly interesting things about bread is that it is fine at room temperature, and doesn't suffer from freezing. But refrigerating it can degrade quality. Go figure!
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