Looking for a bread consultant for a restaurant

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Hi there
I am running a kitchen in Montreal and we make our own hamburger buns (4 different kinds). I am wondering if there is someone out there (relatively local) who would be interested in doing some consultant work on these recipes. These recipes are coming from myself, who has a lot of hands on experience, and a passion for bread and fermentation, but I feel like I’ve taken these recipes as far as I can with my knowledge, as I’ve never gone the traditional culinary education route.
What we are looking for in the buns is superior texture (extremely soft), and we would also ideally want to alter the recipes so that we can mix the dough the night before, do a overnight bulk fermentation in the fridge, and then rest/shape/proof the next morning.
We are working with some unique recipes (no dairy/eggs etc) and use some vegetable juices as well. In addition we are not interested in adding in chemical dough conditioners or anything overly refined and processed.
Anyone out there please contact me at [email protected]

Thanks guys!

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