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Does anyone have cookbooks by the name of "The Vegetarian Feast" or "The Enchanted Broccoli Forest"? If so, does one of the books contain a recipe for egg rolls with seaweed and carrots? I'm not asking for the recipe. That would be copyright infringement. But I need to find the book that has that recipe, and I don't want to buy the wrong one (if I can even find either). My friend who is a vegetarian is getting married and she wants me to make those eggrolls for her reception. I made them for her about 12 years ago and she liked them so much she still remembers. I never saved the recipe, though. Never thought I'd need it again. Anyway, any info would be helpful.


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Recipes are almost always not protected by copyright. A few exceptions exist.

The nature of recipes is mostly data. Data itself can't be copyrighted, just a certain presentation of that data. Most publishers, on the other hand, know the big name recipe creators and their work and protect them out of good will.

Paul Prudhomme's Turducken recipe is the only one I know of that is copyrighted.

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Rita, Have you tried the library? I'm not sure Enchanted Broccoli Forest is still in print! Or try Amazon's used books - maybe they have a cheapie!
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Thanks for the responses. I had read something here before about the exchange of printed recipes, and so I thought it wasn't okay to ask for a specific printed recipe.

I haven't been able to find it at the library, but I'll check other options.

Otherwise, if anyone has a good veggie eggroll recipe that can be shared here, do tell!

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I checked out amazon and there is a New Enchanted Broccoli Forest. It has the "look inside" feature, so I checked out the index and didn't find what you described. Maybe you should look too though in case I missed it.
The other book doesn't have the "look inside" feature so I couldn't tell if it had that recipe or not.
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My children and I have been making Vietnamese fresh springrolls, you may want to consider them....There are the large and then the two bite ones....I use rice stick noodles, lettuce, snow peas, shiitake (sauteed) smetimes grated carrots, slivers of red bell pepper, scallions, either Thai basil or alittle mint (I don't care for cilantro) ...then hoisin goo on the inside.The catch is they are good that day only. When I stupidlly pu t the mon a large party menu I have one guy that makes them for me ...he is phenominal, the rolls are really tight and they look great! They just end up not being then as cheap to prepare as something less labor intensive. ie Rice stick salad!!!
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