Looking for 240mm D Ho wood clad gyuto

Joined Jan 8, 2015
A co worker likes my 240mm itinomonn alot, and he wants something similar, preferably around $130. He especially likes the light handle with the d shape quite a bit. This would be his first Japanese knife, so i think a clad would be best, and probably nothing too prone to chipping.
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These are under $130, fully stainless, and I think would be a good firstJ Knife, but only 210mm


The jump 240mm will cost a bit more. It's tough to find in that price range. Any similar knives are around $200.

I suspect you would help your co worker on sharpening anyway, it's possible to hit all criteria and stay in budget in the used market. Buy/Sell/Trade forum on KKF for example
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thanks alot. we ended up going with the gesshin stainless 210; i thought it looked a bit thinner behind the edge from what i could see and i suspect it will be a bit more chip resistant with the lower hardness
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It is indeed pretty thin, and quite tough and durable... hope it works out well... thanks so much :)

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