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Wonderful thread...always so nice to learn more about you nice people. A housewife, Chrose? Oh my.

I dreamed of many things - a ballerina, an archeologist, a nurse [I still have a little golden book called "Nancy Nurse"],a forensic pathologist --- yep, I wanted to be Quincy.

But I was the kid that everyone came to talk about things with, so no one was real surprised when I ended up a shrink.

Now....I think I want to be a computer geek.
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Mom was a teacher and for various reasons I spent a lot of my early life trying to be her in many ways. I became a teacher of kids with physical disabilities and had a good run with that for about 14 years; it was hard work but is still paying off in rewards. I have always loved cooking and all things culinary (I have always leered at the gadget walls in kitchen supply stores and fondled good cookware! :p ). I subscribed for years to cooking magazines and have a very large collection of cookbooks. But I never pursued professional cooking past a stint as a lunch cook/waitress in college. I guess I never listened to my heart, which has never ceased whispering to me to explore culinary work further. Parental approval can be overpowering for some of us.
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You know as good as that might sound;) you may want to rephrase that. Or is that, how do you say in your language....Fruedian!!!!!
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Ok, now I must pay up.

When I was a child, I was convinced that I could do whatever I set my mind to. First and foremost, I wanted to be a psychic. I tried, and tried... (Sigh!)

I also wanted to be an astronaut, then a graphic designer. I was about 8 by then.

Chrose, I too did one of those tests in school. They said I should be a auto repairman so there you go!!

As a pre-teen, being heavily involved in classical ballet, I thought I would take ballet as far as it would take me, then I would quit in my prime and become a businesswoman. At 16 I became a ballet teacher and was principal dancer ina youth dance troupe. Did that for a few years but that's as far as it went.

The same year I entered university. Dad wanted me to do business but my heart was (don't laugh) in economics. I was a staunch Monetarist and Milton Friedman was my hero. Post-Keynesians were the enemy and had to be destroyed!! I realised after 6 years of this that instead of analysing capitalism, I'd be better off partaking in it. So I did. Went back to school and got an MBA. Became an analyst, then a stockbroker, then an IB consultant.

And you all know the rest. Back on miminum wage am I, finishing up my culinary degree. What happened to trigger this decision? Nothing. I just started paying attention. ;)
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Chiffonade,thanks for pointing out that we can please people legally. To be honest,i`ve seen some people produce dishes that border on a criminal act:D .We also are in a profession where science and art meet.

I like your nickname,nice classical French term.
Don`t work too hard,Leo.
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@ Bond!

You guys are too much!
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I've always wanted to be a chef at least when I really started thinking about it. I did for awhile though harbor a fantasy about becoming a dentist. I think it was to inflict untold pain on my enemies as my dentist seemed to do to me back then.
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When I was at school I wanted to be a lawyer but as Athenaeus said it would be a very crazy think to do in Greece without a ready to work for clientele and I wasn't that crazy. ( Yes Athenaeus, I am suggesting something!)
I left Greece for Sweden .I started studying medicine doing every kind of job you can imagine.Even cook in a greek tavern in Stocholm :p
I became a shrink and I work with drug addicts.
Now I want to realise my primary dream of childhood. I didn't care what I would do as long as I had my friends with me and doing nothing , only stupid things that boys in their teens do.
I have swore that I would never step my foot again to Greece. I deny to speak Greek ( although this hurt some cute buddies of mine ;))
But I decided to go to a good shrink and help me threw this.In the near future I want to return to Greece and start doing nothing with my old friends.
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from early on a mother, then an archeologist, missionary and by the time I was 11 a chef....well, that went over like a lead balloon, so I got a scholarship in diatetics at a college in New Orleans instead of going to the CIA....I followed my future husband who was at Tulane law school at the time.....well, after one semester I moved back to Memphis and started taking back packing and music ed....which then progressed on to early childhood ed....Sp I worked at an ad agency and French restaurant and went to school......got married moved to a small town in the middle of no where....took cake decorating classes, taught myself chinese cooking, made bread, made jam, made pickles, made 3 sons and .....15 years later started personal cheffing, culinary classes, catering, events...wonder where I would have been if I'd have made my own way and gone to the Cia instead.....probably would not have been a good fit in the long run...
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As a youth I realy wanted two professions , to be an Astronomer in the winter time and an Archeologist the rest of the year . Problems with my parents drove me into the army on my 17th birthday and as a young rebel in there I was punished by being transfered to the mess hall . Some punishment I loved to cook and this was a blast for me . Now I do food for a living and am an amateur Astronomer and Archeologist . For the future who knows?
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Growing up, I wanted to be: a ballerina; a locksmith; a (medical) forensic investigator, a teacher, an interpreter/translator, a writer, an archaeologist (does anyone else see a trend here for CTers?) -- most of them based on books that I read and loved.

In high school, I had no idea anymore, except maybe the translator bit.

In college, I started along that route (comparative literature major) and got side-tracked into theater. First I thought I'd be a costume designer. Until I realized that you have to be able to draw. Oh well. Then I mainly stayed a techie -- building sets, props, etc. and a stage manager.

Would have stayed a SM after graduation, but I had to earn a living, so ... Became a typist in a really innovative NYC government office (for you skeptics, that is not an oxymoron!). My boss sent me to programming school, so I became a computer programmer (ANSI COBOL, for those of you who want to know a dinosaur). Stuck with that for several years, adding systems analysis, all for government agencies. After about 7 years, moved to Washington, DC and soon gave up computers for theater: still techie and SM. Three years later, moved back to NYC to run the box office for a concert hall. Did that for 6 1/2 years, until I got tired of the s.o.s. all the time.

Around this time, my partner -- wait, by then he was my husband -- left his NYC govt. job and struck out on his own as a Management Consultant. I joined him. Have worked with him for 16 years now. During that time, went back to school for an MBA in Management/Organizational Behavior, and started the "what shall I be if I grow up?" cycle again. Arts Administrator? Nah, been there, done that. Also actually worked as a researcher on an organizational/industrial psychology field research project, so maybe a college professor of OB? No, I had too many friends in academia and knew how crazy the politics there can be.

Eventually I decided that of all the things I liked doing, cooking was it. So I went back to school, again. Graduated 5 1/2 years ago, and since then have been: line cook, several times, interspersed with: catering manager, pastry chef, and kitchen manager. What's next? ....... Line cook, sous chef, or foodservice management consultant, if I can figure out a way to get clients.

It really is fascinating to me how many of us aspired to the same careers. There's got to be meaning in that. Especially since some of those careers have elements of investigation, constant learning and discovery, just like cooking! Nancy, Zorba, Bond -- what do you make of this??

Anyway, my chef-instructor at school always said to us, "Follow your bliss." Maybe not very original, but good advice!
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