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Hi there!

Now that I'm getting my dream of a new house with a wide open kitchen (I'm currently cooking in a 14 x 6" galley kitchen in an old bungalow), I feel it's time to embrace my passion. As a father of 2 boys, now 4 and 6y/o, who are now curious about foods beyond chicken nuggets & grilled cheese, we've been exploring new flavours and foods (they love anything with quinoa, btw). As a teacher (of thirty one 10 year olds), I'm hoping to inspire younger kids to get involved in their kitchens at home (we're writing recipe books right now, as part of math & language!).

But I digress.

I'm in the process of putting together my Christmas list - my dream of products that people can contribute to my new passion and happy place. Having read so many posts, I'm setting my sights on a Wusthof classic 8" chef knife, 2"x15"square maple end grain cutting board, sharpening steel...things like that. I'm currently using a set of Henckels from our wedding (11 years ago...they're dull and not nearly as exciting to hold as the Wusthofs I've gripped).

We're a meat and veggies family but it's been my mission lately to do new recipes every week...music on, glass of wine for me, juice boxes for the kids...it's a busy kitchen so I'm looking forward to my bigger cuisine! Cooking new recipes, including creating my own 'mystery box' of ingredients, makes me happy - so does letting my kids pick stuff from the pantry to help make stuff! The insight I've found here on cheftalk has exceeded all expectations so...thank you...

I'm so happy to be here!


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