long lost cedar-planked salmon recipe

Joined May 26, 2011
Hi, chef. I'm a huge fan of your shows, books, and website.  Years ago, on an early episode of BBQ U, you did a cedar-planked salmon with what you called a "deconstructed pesto", topped with a pat of butter for good measure.  I have searched everywhere online, including the BBQU website, and have not found that recipe.  Any chance you recall it and can post it or send it?  Thanks so much!!
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Oh, man...we probably shot that show in 2003. And at that time, our sponsor (Maryland Public Television) didn't endorse posting all the recipes online--which we now do, of course. I will check with my assistant and see if she might be able to dredge this up for you. Sounds like a recipe I wouldn't want to lose, either. Thanks for the reminder!
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