Logan is in advanced pastries.

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Those look delicious and I'm now having a dessert craving.

Up until that journal entry, I thought Logan wasn't going to New Orleans anymore. I had to re-read several journal entries before I figured it out. I must have missed somewhere that the French-Creole chef is different from the New Orleans one. In any case, best of luck to you Logan and thank you for giving us a peek into a culinary student's life. Have a wonderful time in Chicago this weekend. Nicko and Colleen are both lovely people and made me feel like we were all old friends immediately.


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Thanks a lot Risa we felt the same way. Let us know when you are heading back this way. We are going to Frontera Grill so I hope we can get a seat!
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I'm actually there this weekend. My brother is visiting from Vancouver. I don't know what our schedule is like though. I only know for sure that we'll be staying by the Rookery Building in the Loop on Friday night and at a family friend's home in Skokie. I'm still racking my brain trying to decide what to do with my brother. All I ever really do in Chicago is eat, buy supplies, shop and go to the Art Institute.
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thanks for the kind words. I am going to Lousianna, but closer to Baton Rouge. I'll be working for Chef John Folse. The Creole chef I talked about was a local chef here in Denver.

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