Lobster Tails Disintegrate During Cooking!!

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I work in a restaurant where we cook lobster tails in their shells for 1 minute then put them in a blast freezer to stop the cooking. Then for each order I'll finish the cooking of the lobster in warm beurre blanc out of the shell. Every once in a while the outer part of the lobster tail will "disintegrate." The tail will basically fall apart. My question is "Is it something I'm doing or is it just a "bad" tail?
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Its just a bad tail. Unfortunately ( as far as I know) you dont know if it's a bad tail until after its cooked.
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If the shell is soft before the initial cooking this simply means that the lobster has just finished molting. An example of this would be the soft shelled blue crabs.

Here in Florida the spiny lobsters meat will take on an orange color just before molting then the meat will be pure white just after with the shell being very pliable. Niether has any affect on flavour as far as I'm concerned.

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